Acte I : Vertical Strike explores the contemporary feminist landscape, in reference to its past, and in regard to its future. The piece uses historical feminist mantras as motifs, as they are embodied and performed in the twentieth century. Its title is given in reference to the inheritance of feminist thought, the hierarchies that render intersectionality necessary, and the work, rest and demands that precede any stride forwards. The word strike, incidentally, refers dually to labour strikes and to violence or gesture.

Vertical Strike follows in the lineage of feminist performance art and dance, involves its history using the voices and words of preceding feminist scholars/activist/artists, and examines and performs the often-embodied intersections of sex, gender, race, class, ability, citizenship, and language.

Produced by Winter Story in the Wild Jungle & Lo Fi Dance Theory

Creation et Mise en Scene : Sarah Trouche
Creation et Chorégraphie : Wynn Holmes
Auteure : Émilie Notéris
Musique Live : Goldilox
Costumes : Rad Hourani
Conception lumière : Light is More


This project was made possible by the generous support of Fondation Sakura and Le Générateur.



Lo Fi Dance Theory - image c/o Mickael Bandassak
image c/o Mickael Bandassak
Lo Fi Dance Theory -
Lo Fi Dance Theory -
Lo Fi Dance Theory - images c/o Mehdi Leyre
images c/o Mehdi Leyre