Lo Fi Dance Theory -

Lo Fi Dance Theory supports the development, creation, and presentation of works that find their inspiration or form in dance. Comprised of a contemporary dance company, an international class series, and a research platform that unites dance artists and renowned multidisciplinary collaborators with the public, Lo Fi Dance Theory creates a community of exchange that fosters dance-centered collaborations in Canada and internationally. Our projects are much the same as our classes; pushing the boundaries between the arts and humanities – and, between social phenomena and kinetic possibility.


Lo Fi Dance Theory’s vision is that of a collaborative and connected community that engages and supports uncompromising dance-informed works through:   


The research, creation and production of projects across diverse platforms including live performance, film, design, visual art, music, and digital media.


The presentation of these works across Canada and abroad, generating an intercultural dialogue between its artists and the engaged public.


The cultivation of new audiences for dance and the arts, through multidisciplinary collaborations, community outreach, and educational activities.


The nurturing of a community of exchange through engagement in collaborative research, training, creation, and performance.


The creation of opportunities that encourage the ongoing development and creativity of its artists and collaborators.


The commitment to the sharing and teaching of dance and promoting dance as a medium of artistic, and social communication.


Lo Fi Dance Theory was originally founded in New York City in 2014 as a series of dance classes that were open to all levels of ability. These classes attracted an underground following that would lead to outside collaborations and self-initiated projects, thus establishing the foundation of what would become Lo Fi Dance Theory, the organization which now supports the work of LFDT, LFDTLAB, and LFDTCLASS® .


LFDT is a performance-based dance company comprised of artists who collaborate on new works under the direction of Wynn Holmes. LFDT’s work is rooted in folk and street-dance structures, manipulated and abstracted through a contemporary lens by the performers. Drawing upon the virtuosic skill, musical dexterity, and artistic integrity of its company members. LFDT creates viscerally honest works that are imbued with guttural energy and a unique movement vocabulary.


LFDTLAB is a platform for interdisciplinary arts research and education that results in the production of collaborative works informed by artists, scientists, educators, activists, and the public.


LFDTCLASS® is a training designed for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of their own movement preferences, build a unique movement vocabulary, or expand their options for generating choreographic compositions. It is open to all-abilities and offers a communal and inclusive approach to dancing with weekly classes in Montreal, New York, and Paris.